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Dimensions & Details

30 cm
1 cm
21 cm
1 kg


Our total marble table collection is made of 100% real marble. If you are thinking of purchasing one of our marble tables, we recommend to consider purchasing a certificate of authenticity. With this certificate, you have a written proof of the origin of the marble, the producer and where and when  it has been bought.

The certificate will be signed off by all partners in the value chain. Thus, the certificate is useful in case you’d ever like to do maintenance at a third party. With the certificate, you can easily demonstrate the origin of the material and the party that processed it.

The certificate of authenticity does not change the fact that all our marble products are made of genuine European marble. However, the certificate offers a proven higher level of resellability of your product. In this way, you can make the next buyer as happy as you were with the initial purchase and it offers security in the event of a resale.

Certificate of authenticity


Delivered to you within 6-10 weeks


Would you like to see, feel and try our products in real life or do you need advice from our interior stylists? Make an appointment to visit our showroom in the Netherlands. If you are too far away to visit us, we are happy to schedule a videocall or assist you in any other virtual way.


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