Care kit Natural stone


Care kit Natural stone


Delivery time 4-6 weeks
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100% real marble

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CAUTION: this care kit is suitable for all polished marble tables, Travertin tables and other natural stones. Our care kit for honed marble is suitable for all honed marble tables like the marble blocks.

Our care kit for natural stone tables contains a cleaning agent, an impregnation agent, a cloth and instructions for use. These products are safe, efficient and specially designed for black natural stone and marble. More information about the properties of natural stone and how to maintain best is available on the About Marble page.

Instructions for use:


Clean the worktop with AKEMI Cleaner I before applying the impregnation product.


Apply the Pearl impregnation product evenly to a clean, dry work surface. You can do this using an AKEMI impregnation pad, a disposable flat brush or a lint-free polishing cloth.


Allow the impregnation product to soak in for 10 minutes. The product must not be allowed to dry.  For highly absorbent surfaces, add several layers of product.


Remove the excess product using a soft lint-free cloth and rub the stone dry. Let the stone surface rest for a few hours before using it.

Watch this video for more instructions.

For optimum protection, we recommend repeating the treatment every two months. For more information about marble, please visit the About Marble page.