A shape for every interior


The FRANKY collection was in-house designed by our own Maison Aime Té design studio. However, in terms of inspiration for the collection, we drew from the famous Easy Edges collection by Frank Gehry. Just like Frank Gehry, the FRANKY collection takes its design very seriously, but not necessarily itself. The collection is a tribute to free thinking, the celebration of high-quality materials, and top-level design.

Top-level design

In designing the FRANKY collection, the term ‘feeling’ has been central. A table holds a prominent place in the home. Despite their presence, the tables feel soft and approachable. This is due to the subtle round finishes of the edges and the cylindrical legs. Don’t be misled by the gentle appearance of the collection; the tables are very sturdy and ready for any company.

A shape and color for every interior

The FRANKY dining tables are made of the highest quality solid and veneer oak wood. The tables are available in the shapes organic, rectangular, and round, and can be customized in the colors natural oak, black oak, or smoked oak.

Menno Pijpers – CEO Aime Té

“The FRANKY collection is one to be particularly proud of. As a great lover of design and art, it’s wonderful to see such a beautiful tribute to a design classic under the Aime Té umbrella. This collection is one that will continue to be a part of the Aime Té story for a long time.”