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Can I pay in several instalments?

If you’d prefer paying for your order in several instalments, you can use Klarna’s pay later service. Depending on the outcome of Klarna’s credit check, you can opt to pay in 3-36 monthly instalments.

You can select Klarna’s pay-later option during checkout. You’ll have to provide some basic details so that Klarna can perform a credit check and decide whether you’re eligible. After the initial instalment, you’ll have to pay all subsequent instalments to Klarna.

Delivery & Returns

What is the delivery time of my product?

Inside the Netherlands and Belgium, delivery usually takes 3 weeks if an item is in stock. For backorders, the delivery time is around 4-6 weeks.

Delivery outside the Netherlands and Belgium usually take a little longer. For in-stock purchases, we’ll need around 4-6 weeks to get the table to your living room. For international backorders, the delivery time is around 6-8 weeks

What happens after I order?

Netherlands & Belgium

After your order, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. If we already have the table you ordered in stock, we’ll hand it over to our transport company on the next Thursday or Friday. The transport company will contact you a few days after the handover to discuss a delivery date. They’ll do so by e-mail and will give you several delivery options to choose from. If none of the options fit your schedule, you can always contact the transport company by phone to discuss a delivery date that suits you.

For backorders, we’ll notify you when we have your table in stock. The rest of the process will be the same, but the overall lead time will be longer.

Outside of the Netherlands & Belgium

After your order, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail (week A). If we already have the table you ordered in stock, we’ll hand it over to our international transport company in week B at the latest. The international transport company will contact you by e-mail in week C with delivery options in Week D or E.

For backorders, we’ll notify you when we have your table in stock. The rest of the process will be the same, but the overall lead time will be longer.

No matter where you are and what table you’ve ordered, the delivery company will assemble the table and set it up in your living room. They’ll take all the packaging with them when they leave, so you can enjoy your new marble table right from the get-go!

I don’t like my marble table – can I return it?

You have the right to exchange or return your ordered items once within 14 days. Are you returning the entire order? Then we will return the purchase price to you within 10 working days after we have received the table. For a second exchange or return, transport costs will be charged.

Please note that the item should not be used in the meantime, as it must be returned to us in its original condition and without any signs of use.

Where does Aime Té ship its tables?

We ship our tables all over Europa mainland and the UK. Shipping to the Netherlands and Belgium is for free. Extra costs may apply when you order from another country. When you enter you Country in the checkout, the delivery costs will be charged automatically.


How much are the Shipping Costs?

Netherlands & Belgium:

– We always deliver free of charge to the ground floor throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
– For delivery on floors where the table fits in a passenger lift, this is also free.
– Free delivery is not included for the delivery of all our dining tables on floors without n elevator. For this we ask you to provide a moving lift to the floor yourself or this can be facilitated by our transporter for an additional cost.

Other countries in Europe:

The delivery costs for countries outside of the Netherlands and Belgium differ per product and situation. This will be shown in the checkout and calculated on your delivery situation


Can I choose a specific marble tabletop?

Unfortunately, we can’t provide this service. Our tabletops are packaged in solid wooden crates in Italy and are delivered straight to our warehouse in Tilburg. Every tabletop is unique, but we are always in touch with our suppliers to make sure that our products stay consistent. If your tabletop doesn’t match your expectations, you can always return the product.

Do I have warranty on my marble table?

Of course you do! All our marble tables come with a 2-year warranty. The warranty applies to ‘product’ defects such as sudden cracks (without a known cause) but does not cover self-inflicted stains.

How can I know what size is best for me?

We apply the following rule of thumb for our rectangular dining tables: you need 60cm for every dining chair you want to place on one side. Our standard 200x90cm tables are suitable for 3 dining chairs on each side.

For round tables, we recommend our 120cm tables for 4 chairs, 140cm tables for 6 chairs 160cm tables for 8 chairs.

How can I protect my marble table?

Your table has a polished finish that gives it natural protection. However, we strongly advise using a sealer on the table to protect it against stains and superficial scratches. When using the sealer for the first time, we recommend applying several layers. Read more about Marble and the protection on the About Marble page.

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Is it normal for there to be minor imperfections on my table?

Marble is a natural product which makes it imperfect by its very nature. You’ll find imperfections such as small bumps, cracks or other minor blemishes in marble, which are known as “Taroli”. Despite the polished finish, these imperfections occur on practically every tabletop. “Taroli” are perfectly normal and are even registered as official characteristic of Carrara marble.

Will my marble table stain easily?

Marble is a porous natural stone. Acids or other fluids can leave matte stains or rings on your marble tabletop. This will mainly happen when you leave fluids on the table for an extended period of time. If you spill drinks or other fluid on your table, we recommend wiping it off with a moist cloth without any soap or cleaning agents, as they often contain acids themselves. We also recommend sealing your table every 6 months. For more information on how to apply the sealer, please look at the question: How can I protect my marble table?


Can I make an appointment to see the marble tables in real life?

Yes, you can! Just send us an email, WhatsApp us or contact us by phone to make an appointment. Our showroom is located at s’Gravenweg 332D in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel in the Netherlands.

If you’re not living nearby just give us a call and we are happy to give some more information through Facetime and show you our collection.

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