A glimpse inside Talissa’s Amsterdam apartment

Warmth, comfort and neutrals. This is the first thing you notice when you enter Talissa’s Amsterdam apartment. Because of her busy schedule, Talissa likes to create moments of tranquillity. She does this by taking her dog Pumba for a walk in the Vondelpark, after which they can snuggle together on the sofa.

Talissa values interior design and decoration. Her house needs to feel like home, so she loves to have fresh flowers on the table and candles burning all the time. The large windows in her apartment allow a lot of natural light to enter, which makes all the interior pieces stand out. She has chosen many shades of beige, in combination with contrasting natural colours. The mix of natural materials makes for a beautiful interior.

The design of the travertine coffee table is unique and a touch vintage. The rough texture of the natural stone, with irregular pores, ensures that each table will be unique. The colour shades of the travertine, which is formed by a natural process in a hot spring, will easily match the rest of your decor. Together with the large cosy sofa, this creates a luxurious look.

In the dining area, a long rectangular table has been chosen where cosy dinners can be had. The Crema Marfil marble provides an interesting contrast to the sleek black design of the base. The polished top, which has a warm beige colour and characteristic small veins, gives it a lot of character, no matter which chair is placed at the table. The table suits the modern look of this home, with a small reference to the earthy history of the top.

Where this colour composition is also beautifully reflected is the ZINIA sideboard. The sideboard, which is finished using solid oak slats, has a surprising amount of storage space. Functional and stylish in one. This warm minimalist piece can be classified under the Japandi movement. Stylised with fun accessories, Talissa has given it her own touch.

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