Our mission

Aime Té’s mission is to inspire the present generation through great design and heritage of the past. We believe that crafting an interior is a long-term investment and should be produced fairly, mainly using natural materials, sourced locally, and sold for honest prices.

Our categories

Unique designs, inspired by heritage.

Trends come and go but design lasts, just like language endures. Great designs in art and interior not only influence consumers but also shape culture and society. We are surrounded by daily inspirations without always being aware of them. We have a deep appreciation for exceptional designs from the past, ranging from designers like Marcel Breur to entire design movements like the Amsterdam School or by nature’s primal heritage. Our designs are centered around respectfully honouring the achievements of past design to inspire the current generation.

Built through European craftsmanship

As a European company, we are committed to honoring our roots. We believe that this contenet possesses an incredible rich heritage in terms of arts and cultures. We embrace and celebrate our roots by exclusively collaborating with European manufacturers. This not only allows for faster lead-times but enables us to reduce transportation emissions, thereby promoting sustainability. Furthermore, we believe that collaborating with European manufacturers enhances product quality and gives us greater control over our lead times.

Fairly priced

We are committed to fair pricing, ensuring that our high quality designs are accessible to a wide audience. Simultaneously, we believe in providing fair wages to our workers, sourcing materials sustainably, and establishing a self-sustaining organisation. To uphold transparency, we offer clear pricing, form production to transportation. In our operating model, we have our own sales channels, eliminating the need for an expensive netwrok of physical retail partners and multiple distribution warehouses. Instead, we collaborate directly with European craftsmen, streamlining the process to deliver our products to our customers as quickly as possible.